MBIF UKC Ch CSB Multiverse Traveler@Spirit FCh BFAST

Verse is a small, well built Silken who is LGRA pointed and has earned her ASFA Field Championship in style, going Best in Field multiple times in 2022. She earned her first Grand Champion leg earlier the same year.

Verse is super affectionate, sweet, and extremely people focused. If Verse could be perched on top of your shoulder like a parrot, she would probably prefer that.

Her first litter is already successful in the field; daughter Nori is a Field Champion and has won multiple ASFA Best in Fields, while son Draco has been High Scoring Singles many times with strong competition and earned his TCP. The entire litter is smaller than breed average in height, with all 3 girls maturing under 19″ and Draco roughly 21″ tall.