About us

Silken Windhound named Blink from Silken Agents of CSBeck

We’ve been in Silken Windhounds for over 10 years and have produced dogs that have achieved variety of accomplishments:

Multiple Silkens we’ve bred have earned Best of Opposite in Specialty in conformation, as well as Best of Opposite sex at LGRA Nationals and breed specialties. We’ve taken Best Bred by Exhibitor in specialty many times with many of our dogs over the years. One of our dogs has earned an ASFA Perpetual Trophy.

ASFA Multi Best in Field winners have been numerous. We have several dogs that have won a half dozen times each and one dog in a pet home has won BIF every single time they’ve chosen to attend an ASFA trial.

We produced the first silken ever to title in Weight Pull, something we admittedly did just to prove the versatility of the breed. That dog has gone on to earn multiple advanced titles. We have other dogs competing in weight pull in other homes that have also been the first Silken Windhounds to title in the venues they’re competing in.

Several dogs from our breeding have become successful Service Dogs. Several others are Emotional Support Dogs. We pride ourselves on raising puppies that have the socialization and exposure needed to be temperamentally sound in exceptional circumstances.

Silken Windhound named Seven, bred by Silken Agents of CSBeck

Our dogs are raised with methods that are continuing to improve and evolve as our experiences provide us with more information. When we first started, we utilized Puppy Culture, then we moved on to Avidog.

We have temperament tested every litter, even one litter which was a singleton. We also embark test our litters so that we can contribute to providing data that we hope can be useful to future studies that may occur.

We are BIMPOC, Neurodivergent, and 2SLGBTQIA friendly.

If you’re interested in getting a puppy from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our most up to date information is generally available on our Facebook page and we prefer you reach out to us through there. A lot of dog breeders, ourselves included, are inundated with inquiries – the pandemic gave people a lot more time to consider their lifestyles and how a companion animal might fit into their lives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us more than once if we don’t respond in a timely fashion.